JBox e-shopping platform is a customized shopping platform based on PHP5+MySQL technology - an intregrating software application; and is managed and supported by Explonet e-business Consultant Limited.

Explonet e-business Consultant Limited is a professional e-business adviser providing professional e-commerce consulting service and offers a total e-commerce business solution to vertical retail shop industry. We partner with clients in retail industry to identify their highest-value e-commerce opportunities, address their most critical challenges and maximize the return of investment.

“We explore business opportunities and connect people through integrating software technologies.”

We adopt the latest technology and marketing methodology on both Open Source and Proprietary Web Software to effectively build a scalable infrastructure that applies to tens of thousands or millions of pages to target your niche market.

We integrate business data and applications with the power of internet to provide a complete e-commerce business solution.

By taking a holistic, analytical approach to our clients’ most challenging online business issues, we are able to develop solutions that deliver lasting value.

If you are in the e-commerce business, or plan to venture into one, you will face multiple challenges such as configuring store layout, managing user experience, scarce sales conversions, essential customer support, and many more.

Explonet offers a simple, powerful and cost effective solution to ensure that your e-commerce business is geared for success.


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